5 Best Traffic Exchange Programs

What is Traffic Exchange?

As a website owner you can sign up to be added to the list to be a part of traffic exchange. You then can earn visitors for your own website by browsing other sites on the list, so basically your website views will come from other publishers. The central hub of a service regulates all your actions. However, there is a problem with earned views and paid out views ratio. As sometimes publishers will earn credits for traffic they don’t own or vice versa. Ratio means how many websites you have to visit to earn traffic for your own. Some traffic exchange sites also offer you entering contests with awesome prizes or buying a large amount of traffic.

There are autosurf and manual traffic exchange sites. Using autosurf you add nothing to the system as all the views will come from a bot and will not be real. Manual traffic exchange, however, mean that you have to put your own time and energy into surfing the websites. So the views are very real and can convert.

So here are two lists of the best traffic exchange services. The first 5 are for manual traffic exchange and the second 5 are for autosurf.

Manual Traffic Exchange Websites

  • Legacy Hits

It has a short timer of only 5 seconds but a credit earning ratio of .3, which increases depending on the length of a session.

  • HitLink

This site has a great gambling potential and weekly jackpots, money, and referral contests. A timer is 4 seconds and the ratio is 1.

  • Lords of Lothar

It has a unique exchange, actually running an RPG around the traffic exchange. The timer is 8 seconds and the ratio is .5. It is a very addictive game.

  • EasyHits4U

It is one of the most popular traffic exchanges on the web but it lacks exclusivity. The timer is 15 seconds and a credit earning ratio is 1. Therefore it also can be used for earning money.

  • TezakTraffic

This platform has special tools for list building, a unique script, and a referral bonus program if you are upgraded to premium. The timer is 8 seconds and the ration is .4.

Autosurf Traffic Exchanges

  • Otohits

This website has a customer timer and a ratio of 1. Use a browser based web app or a stand-alone program to surf.

  • Elite Autosurf

A fixed 10 seconds timer gives you six hits a minute and a ratio of 0.5. You can also participate in their weekly contests for referrals.

  • Twistrix

The platform has a custom timer and a ratio of .6. They run a weekly contests for actual cash prizes and have configurable referrers or a hidden referrer.

  • Hitleap

It has a ratio of .7 and a dynamic timer that lets you change different options for your surfer such as referrer data and visit length.

  • Rank Boostup

It has a custom timer, a ratio of .7, geotargeting, and configurable referrer data. It is also integrated with an Alexa toolbar.

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