HitLeap, free traffic exchange service

HitLeap is straightforward about what it is doing. On its home page, a headline announces that the site offers “a Traffic Exchange service, which automatically delivers free traffic to your website.”

Here’s how it works, according to Integral:

  • You sign up with the webpage(s) that you want traffic for, and you download a piece of software. It contains a special HitLeap browser that can automatically load pages while sitting minimized in a corner of any computer’s screen.
  • You configure your setup for such things as time on page (which indicates how much time a “site visitor” has spent on a page) and traffic source (to indicate where the traffic is supposed to be coming from). You can indicate the traffic comes from another site, for instance, or from a cloud service.
  • The software generates page loads on tens of thousands of other sites in its network, according to the site. You get credits for generating traffic, which you can use to create traffic for your pages or content. You can also purchase traffic, or get credits for traffic through referrals to the site.



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